Woman Lives in a Tiny House to Pursue Wanderlust

If you’ve been watching the “Tiny House, Giant Journey” channel on YouTube, you’d be familiar with its host, Jenna Spesard, also known as that “tiny house girl”. Jenna’s passion is traveling the world, and of course, tiny house living. She also travels across Northern America in search of the most unique tiny houses, then films and shares the colorful stories of their owners.

Her YouTube channel, which she started in 2015, currently has over 70 videos featuring tiny houses and tiny house living. Whether you want to know more about tiny houses in general, want to get some insider tips on how to build your own tiny house, or looking for some inspiration to get your start on tiny house living, Jenna is your go-to gal.

In this video, Jenna opens the doors to her very own tiny house, which she built with her former partner. This time, she shares her own tiny house story. Jenna went all-in in the tiny house movement not just to save money and live a more sustainable lifestyle. She lives in a tiny house so she can travel the world, one country at a time, preferably before she dies.

Jenna is living proof that if you work hard at what you love, you’ll get to achieve amazing things. And in the process, you’ll gain something more valuable and more fulfilling than material riches.

Watch Jenna’s inspiring tiny house journey:

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