Whimsical Storybook Cottage by the Sea Will Make You Want Your Own

Located on the shoreline of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, a lone whimsical cottage stands proudly, overlooking the sea. At first sight, it looks too good to be true or to even be real. Like a storybook cottage out of a Grimm fairy tale. But it is real. And it is beautiful, and very much livable, according to proud owner Bruce Winckler.

The cottage is made from natural and locally-sourced materials. Bruce has been living in it for 2 years, and is finding it just perfect for his minimal needs. And it’s no wonder. This real storybook cottage is not only visually stunning on the outside. It is warm, quaint, and comfortable. Everything one associates with cottage living. But surprisingly on the inside, it is very much modern and functional with practical furnishings. Wide windows in the living area open onto breathtaking views of the woods and the sea. For Bruce, living in his dream cottage is a transformative experience, capturing the whimsy and imagination of his youth.

Ah, secretly, some of us want our very own whimsical storybook cottage for real, like Bruce Winckler.

Tour and be captivated by Bruce Winckler’s fantastic storybook cottage by the sea: