Travel Like a Modern Gypsy in a Handmade Bowtop Caravan

Have you always dreamed of living a gypsy lifestyle? Free to roam and travel wherever you wish and wherever the wind takes you? Or maybe you’ve also dreamed of living and traveling in a traditional gypsy caravan—the kind that’s so colorful, hippie-ish, and kitsch, you surely wouldn’t see it anywhere, definitely not in your busy city. In fact, it’s exactly like the kind that you used to see on the grounds of a traveling circus when you were a kid. That kind of quirky. If you could only replicate it or find something like it.


You’re in luck, because gypsy caravans are now undergoing a modern resurgence. This means that the hippie-ish caravans are definitely in! Minimalist lifestyle enthusiasts and DIY builders have tapped into the traditional Romani vardo/wagon/caravan as inspiration for creating and living in a tiny caravan house. One of the builders taking advantage of this modern resurgence is Greg’s Gypsy Bowtops, based in the UK.

Greg’s Gypsy Bowtops is a Bristol-based company that specializes in hiring and selling unique Romani gypsy-inspired bowtop caravans. The caravans are all handmade and car-towable.

towing-a-gypsy-caravanGreg, the company founder, founded the business after noticing that the towbow wagon he built for himself gained a lot of positive attention. Many admired his work and were curious how he built it and made it work. It was as if a light bulb lit up inside his head and he suddenly realized the unique potential of handmade caravans. Since then, he has dedicated his time and efforts in building more one-of-a-kind caravans—basically wagons that can function as portable tiny homes for likeminded nomadic souls. In doing so, Greg also helps “keep the tradition of this rare form of travel alive.”


Greg’s collection of gypsy caravans can also be hired for both corporate and private events, and for camping, or “glamping” at select locations of some UK festivals and public events.


Each handmade bowtop caravan exudes warmth and comfort, exquisite handmade details, unique style, Old World charm, and beautiful interiors and exteriors. The wagons are fully maneuverable and vehicle towable. They are built with natural materials and sit on top of a brand new caravan chassis.




If you’re interested in learning more, you can follow Greg on Facebook or check out his website.

Check out this video to see how Greg builds his one-of-a-kind handmade caravans.


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