Tiny House Man Cave with the Best Ocean Views!

Situated on a hilltop overlooking picturesque Rocky Bay on Waiheke Island in New Zealand, this tiny -house-slash-man-cave is simply everything builder and owner Grant Lilly could ever need.

Grant acquired the land back in 1992 at a relatively cheap cost (NZ$55,000 = US$37,000) and started building his own tiny house. Occupying a total of 108 square feet (just under 10 square meters), this tiny, bright, blue house which he aptly named Lillypad, is a perfect example of a sustainable, off-grid living DIY home.

The main house is a single room that contains most of Grant’s things including bookshelves filled with books, a work desk, media, sofa seat, and a bed that comes down from the ceiling via a simple pulley system. The pulley system took quite a while for him to figure out until he can get it to work effortlessly.

The side of the house has a skylight and allows for an indoor/outdoor flow. At the end is a mud brick stairway connecting the main living area to the top deck. The top level of the house is the best part of his man cave, opening onto the most magnificent vistas overlooking the bay and the island.

The kitchen area is a separate structure–carved out of rock over a period of 10 years, making it look like a cave. But Grant’s home is anything but a typical man cave. It is never lacking in character and rustic charm. It is beautiful in its simplicity, cost-effective, and expediently simple.

Grant believes that “we are almost always duty-bound to express our creativity wherever we can and not be bound by bureaucracy. Bureaucracy strangles creativity. A lot of people would give in, pay the money, do what they’re told, and end up with sort of a mundane lifestyle. Not only is it sort of expedient to find the lifestyle that you want but you want to be pushing the restrictions of bureaucracy where you can, and hopefully sort of educate the bureaucrats that actually we celebrate the difference in individual self-expression”.

Watch the video to get a tour of Grant’s Lillypad.

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