Sustainable, Mobile Tiny House Cafe is Art with a Heart

Who says a tiny house is supposed to be just that–a tiny house? A smaller-than-your-average house for living and sleeping in. If all tiny houses were created equal, it could get boring, right? But there’s one tiny house that could be a pioneer within the tiny house movement by not being used as a home, but as a mobile cafe instead.

Chantal and Mike are a creative couple based in Asheville, North Carolina. Chantal’s dream was to own her own small cafe, while Mike was all about the pursuit of environment-friendly, sustainable tiny house building. Combining both of their passions, they created Le Bon Café–a functional work of art. Le Bon Café is a custom-built tiny house used as a traveling boutique coffee shop.

Mike is a builder and worked on the tiny cafe hands-on with Chantal. Seventy-five percent of the materials used in the tiny cafe are recycled materials–a combination of materials sourced online, and materials salvaged from all over town. To complete the eco-friendly, sustainable theme, the couple drive the cafe in a truck that uses up biodiesel fuel. This tiny cafe that could is truly a mobile work of art with a heart.

Check out the coolest and loveliest mobile tiny house cafe: