Refined Woodland Cabin: The perfect retreat to get away from it all

A cozy cabin in the woods is becoming one of the most sought after retreats by those who want to spend some much needed alone time or prefer a self-sufficient secluded weekend vacation home for the family.


Anyone interested in building their own cabin in the woods in their own preferred location can look up this Orcas Island Cabin project by David Vandervort Architects. The 400 sq. ft. cabin was designed by architect Vandervort, and centers around the concepts of space efficiency, solar access, and view orientation. It is situated on a promontory overlooking the East Sound of Orcas Island, the largest of the San Juan Islands in Washington. The cabin is surrounded by mature cedar, fir, and madrone trees, and also features these types of wood in the structure. It includes a living area below with a dining room, kitchen, and bath, and a loft bedroom.


It’s a sustainable cabin in the woods. The windows are energy efficient fitted with high performance insulation, non-toxic and low VOC paints and stains were specifically used, and the builders made use of materials with long life cycles like metal roofing. Wood used throughout the house were taken from trees nearby and milled on the island. The cabin also features wooden floors made from leftover Douglas fir from another project built on the island. Refined finishes and millwork make this woodland cabin a charming combination of rustic comfort and refined elegance.


According to David Vandervort Architects, “By carefully siting the structure, existing vegetation was retained, and the cabin was nestled into the land.”


David Vandervort Architects offers plans to the Woodland Cabin, for those who wish to build one themselves. To learn more about the Orcas Island Cabin Project, check out their website.


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