Quaint and Funky Home Made From Old Streetcars is a Couple’s Retirement Haven

Senior couple Mary and Gerhard Ringel have always wanted a house by the beach. But when they looked at beach houses in Santa Cruz, California, they ended up with something quite unexpected and far from what they imagined.

From the outside, it looks like an ordinary hippyish beach cottage, but once you get inside, you’ll see what makes it truly unique. This funky beach house is made from original streetcars used in Santa Cruz during the 1920s. Two connected streetcars comprise the house. The first streetcar covers the living room and dining room. While the second streetcar covers the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. The couple wanted to stay true to the hippy vibe of Santa Cruz, so they retained the strikingly colorful and hippy vibe of the house. They hired a professional paint master to give it a much needed facelift. Another unique feature they retained is the original rumbling streetcar door between the Ringel’s bedroom and bathroom. Its always a quirky reminder of the house’s roots.

If you think this is just another glorified or hippiefied mobile home, Mary won’t be offended, but think again. The streetcars are made from redwood, which makes them durable and structurally sound. It’s no wonder that these streetcars have lasted for close to a century now. The couple have also added their own unique touches to it, making it a home they love getting back to at the end of the day. And that’s all they ever want and need.

Take a tour of Mary and Gerhard Ringel’s funky streetcar beach home: