Minimalist Couple Have Everything They Need in a Tiny Camper Trailer

“I don’t think we’ll ever be comfortable in a big house. We’re just more comfortable in a smaller space surrounded by nature. That’s where we feel at home.”–Kathleen

For full-time adventurers and minimalist couple Kathleen and Greg, what matters more is living closer to nature, pursuing their passions day by day, and having more freedom in an alternative lifestyle that doesn’t cost as much as a conventional one.

To commit to the minimalist lifestyle they both want, they chose to downsize to a 140-sq. ft. camper trailer from a standard downtown apartment in Denver, Colorado. Their 1969 Terry camper trailer only cost $1,800–more or less worth two months’ rent. During their first year of tiny home living, they parked their camper trailer in their friend’s backyard. Soon after that, they bought their own piece of land to park their trailer and to experiment growing their own food.

Despite having a rough first two months into this alternative lifestyle, especially for Kathleen, she now admits she has gotten the hang of it and couldn’t imagine living in a big, conventional house. Kathleen and Greg are now two years into their tiny camper trailer home and are planning more adventures with their canine pals, Blaize and Peaches.

Aside from their camper trailer, they also have a 1987 Toyota camper van they use for budget-friendly cross-country trips.

Take a tour of Kathleen and Greg’s humble trailer home.

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