Man Falls In Love With “Micro-Camping”, Travels the Country in His Bike Camper

Just when you thought you’ve seen the tiniest house ever, a new tiny house pops up to surprise you. Ever heard of a bike camper? It’s quite on a league of its own.

Paul Elkins became a huge fan of micro-camping in 2002 when he went on a trip across the country in a “stealth camper”. Years later, he started building his own nomadic micro-shelter which he calls the “micro Airstream bike camper”. For Elkins, this bicycle camper is his home away from home. It comes with a bed, bread pan sink, bubble insulation, butane stove, clothes storage bins, counter, food storage shelving, LED lighting, pee jug, stereo with MP3 player, windows, and a plastic tub skylight. The cost of building this bike camper home? All of $150.

According to Elkins, the idea behind this is that for a relatively small budget, you can build a cozy mobile living space you can easily take with you when you travel around the country. As soon as this idea catches on, bike camping might just be the new thing among tiny house enthusiasts.

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