Life is a Dream Made Real in the World’s Most Traveled Tiny House

If awards were doled out for tiny house owners, the award for most traveled tiny house goes to Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons. As of filming in Vancouver, the couple’s mobile tiny house has traveled over 40,000 miles (64,000 km) across North America. And they’re still happily on the road.

Alexis and Christian are both film makers. Their recent project is the 3-part educational documentary series, Living Tiny Legally. The documentary is available on their YouTube channel, Tiny House Expedition, where they also explore the tiny house lifestyle and share stories of real people and their experiences with tiny house living. What started out as a dream to travel together, pursue adventures, tell stories, and live a simpler, more flexible lifestyle, led to creating their own tiny house haven.

The couple want to continue living a life on the road, filming, serving with their community outreach program, and educating more people about tiny house living. Adventure is definitely par for the course.

Watch how Alexis and Christian are living out their dream in the world’s most traveled tiny house: