Housebus is Home Sweet Home for this Blissful Couple

You’d think you’ve seen your fair share of tiny houses, but we guarantee you haven’t seen everything yet when you get to feast your eyes on this charming tiny “housebus”.

Enter “The Housebus”. Julie and Andrew Puckett of Atlanta, Georgia, are proud owners of this unconventional mobile tiny house.  The Housebus is a 1990 Blue Bird school bus which Andrew and Julie transformed into a fully-functioning home.

The couple’s tiny house dream began like many others who dared to turn their tiny house dreams into reality. They were renting an apartment in Atlanta for years but finally decided they needed to downsize when the landlord raised their rent. They packed their few belongings including their dog Starbuck and their cat Mr. Butters, bought an old Bluebird bus, and the rest is history. Julie best describes how answering the call to the tiny house movement has changed their lives for the better:

“Now, we’re able to live where we like, and travel to the places that call our hearts. Vacations are more affordable because we don’t have to pay for a hotel, which means we can allot more to experiences and activities. Most importantly, we aren’t pouring our hard-earned money down the metaphorical drain for something we will never own. This bus is ours. So is our freedom.”

The housebus is a dreamy, warm, and cozy home with a rustic cottage feel inspired by the novel Moby Dick and East Coast cottages. It’s also mobile, so Julie and Andrew will have no problems taking it on the road when they feel the need to move to a new location.

The driver’s seat serves as extra seating and Julie’s office space. They have a fully-functioning kitchen complete with a full-sized refrigerator with a small freezer, a convection oven they use a lot which doesn’t heat up the bus, a pull-out countertop and prep space, pull-out pantry, plus sliding drawers and cabinets with safety locks to prevent them from opening when the bus is on the move. The housebus comes with enough custom-built storage Julie and Andrew will ever need thanks to Julie’s dad.

A custom-built 6 ft. long couch that also doubles as a bed and storage unit was made by Andrew and Julie’s dad, along with a detachable side table. The nook underneath the tabletop serves as Starbuck the dog’s personal space, and when needed, can also house his small kennel. Of course, Mr. Butters the cat sleeps wherever he wants.

The housebus also comes with a shower with strong water pressure, a water heater, and a toilet with connected water and waste reservoir. Lightweight sliding fabric panels serves as the bathroom door. In the bedroom, there’s a closet with tap lights, and a huge bed with under the bed storage for stuff they don’t use often, also built by Julie’s dad.

A unique feature of the housebus is a wood burning stove. It’s easy to use and just perfect to warm up their home in the winter. This makes the housebus look more like a quaint English cottage than a mobile home. The beautiful little handmade details and the love that went into converting this 200 sq.ft. bus into a working tiny home just goes to show that tiny houses do come in unique packages—there’s no one size or look fits all.

Take a tour of Julie and Andrew Puckett’s beautiful, charming, and vibrant tiny housebus:

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