Homeless People and Volunteer Students Build Tiny Houses Together in a Life-changing Program

It’s always heartwarming to hear stories about people helping each other in need without any ulterior motives and with mutual benefits.

One example is Sawhorse Revolution, a youth-oriented house construction program based in the eco village of Nickelsville, the largest homeless encampment in Seattle, Washington. Sara Smith spearheads the project with the help of local highschoolers. The program aims to give support to homeless people of all ages and walks of life, by providing them with efficient custom tiny homes. These tiny houses serve as temporary homes to help ease their transition from homelessness to rebuilding their own lives.

Students also benefit from the program by gaining carpentry and design skills, plus practical experience on what it’s like to design and build a home for a client.

Watch how the Sawhorse Revolution and Nickelsville residents make a difference in each others’ lives.

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