Glass Cabin in the Woods: A Creative Couple’s Labor of Love

What happens when two creative artists/makers meet? Nothing short of a big bang of awesome ideas that culminate in a one-of-a-kind project.

When Nick Olson met Lilah Horowitz, both had already found their passions. Nick with photography, specializing in tintypes he takes with a camera he made himself, and Lilah with fashion, managing her own clothing lines and selling her handmade pieces in boutiques in New York. Both are artists and makers at heart, and share a fascination for unique, creative design.

One day, while on a date, they dreamed of having a house with a wall made of windows. Less than a year later, both had quit their jobs and built their own special retreat–a glass cabin nestled in the West Virginia mountains.

Take a peek into the quaint, magical, and breathtaking glass cabin in the woods. It’s like stepping back in time and into a world where nothing is as important as being one with everything and enjoying the moment. It makes us long for a glass cabin of our own too.

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