A Girl, a Jack Russell, and Their Tiny House Dream

Most tiny house dreams start with a major realization–a deep conviction to live a simple life unencumbered by material possessions. That’s what it was like for Lauren Stovall, a bluegrass musician who pursued her tiny house dream. A year of going on tours and living in a suitcase made her realize that she’s content with only having a few things in her life. This dream wouldn’t have been the same without her favorite roommate, sole companion, and best friend–Skippy, a Jack Russell.

Stovall designed her tiny house with a little help from her dad, who also built it in Mississippi. Together with Skippy and her portable tiny house, she chose to¬†settle in Boulder Colorado, which inspired her with its picturesque downtown and miles of breathtaking nature trails just a walk away. She lives 25 minutes away from downtown, where there’s lots of wide open space for hikes with Skippy.

Listen to Stovall sing a lullaby as she and Skippy give a tour of their dream tiny house.