Fifth Grader Builds $10 Tiny House for the Homeless

Callie Hilton is a girl on a mission. For her fifth grade science project, she came up with her own solar-powered, portable tiny house.

Her creation, “Callie’s Coop”, recently went on exhibit at the 2017 Georgia Tiny House Festival. The design and ideas are mostly Callie’s, with a little help building it from her dad who sourced most of the materials used from his workshop. The tiny house prototype includes sliding panel doors that lock, a mattress, a solar-powered light bulb, water container, a composting toilet, a makeshift solar cooker, a built-in rain water retention system, and a handy pull-out storage container for pillows, toiletries and other supplies.

Not bad for a fifth grader, right? Callie’s inspiration are tiny house videos on YouTube. Just when you think Callie couldn’t be anymore awesome, you’ll be surprised at how much it cost her to build her coop–a mere $10! Oh, and it weighs only around 25 lbs.–super portable for a tiny house!

Great things come in small packages. We hope a few years from now Callie would be making waves in the tiny house scene and helping the homeless at the same time with her smart and affordable designs. You go, girl!

Watch Callie give a “tour” of her solar-powered tiny tiny house.