Female University Student Lives in a Converted Van Home to Save on Rent

Most stories about tiny living feature people who have enough money saved to build their dream tiny house and support the change of lifestyle. Many of them are professionals or come from corporate job backgrounds. So it’s a pleasant surprise to come across a student with limited budget living the tiny house lifestyle.¬†University student Hannah Stowe is one of those rare ones. She’s young, still studying at university, and lives full-time in a converted Renault Master van.

Hannah loves traveling and going on adventures, so she and van life are getting along quite fabulously. She lives in her van home with her dog while studying, traveling on holidays, and teaching yoga part-time. She gushes on one of the best things about living in her tiny van: “If you’re being very lazy, you could pretty much reach everything and make tea from being in bed”. And instead of most of her budget going to rent pay, she gets to save enough money for her trips which she gets to have more of now than before.

Hannah makes tiny van life seem so easy and idyllic. Take a tour of her humble mobile abode.