DIY Your Own Lego Home

Get your screwdrivers out and build your own “Lego house.” No, not the same plastic, primary-colored blocks we used to play with when we were kids, but real stackable building blocks.

Multipod Studio, a French architecture firm, unveiled a prototype PopUp House—a customizable tiny home made from stackable blocks. This tiny home can be built within a month. This is the first of its kind that the company has dabbled in.

“PopUp House is part of a growing sustainable architecture movement called passive construction. The architecture concept describes homes that are well-designed, low-cost, and energy-efficient. The PopUp House is airtight and watertight, which means it keeps heat locked in.”

It’s also customizable. According to Tech Insider, Multipod founder Corentin Thiercelin says, “A PopUp House can be whatever you wish it to be: a small and cozy country lodge, an urban two-story house, or a spacious open office”.

You can order a PopUp House online. Just to clarify, you will not be buying a finished house, but a building model system package which includes assembly instructions and structure materials. According to the PopUp House website, they sell their building house systems to the professional who will be building the home. Prices range between $1,200-1,900 per square meter, depending on the quality of materials and amenities selected.

After ordering, PopUp House sends building instructions and a construction team.

The house is made from recyclable wooden panels and insulation blocks (just like Legos!), stacked, and held together with wood screws.  It’s so simple to build, a team can put it up in only 4 days just using an electric screwdriver.  And it can be taken apart just as quickly, too.

The prototype is 1,614 square feet with an open layout featuring a kitchen, dining area, and terrace connecting to the living area.


For the meantime, PopUp House is only available in France. But you might not have to wait that long as Multipod is pushing through with plans to expand selling PopUp Houses to the US and UK. They are currently looking for local architects and homebuilders to work with this project to ensure that all homes made meet local building codes and safety measures.

If you’ve always fantasized about building and living in your own Lego home, this prototype can be your how-to guide. Lego is all about the pleasure of making something, anything, with just your imagination and plain stacking blocks. This beloved childhood pastime enjoyed by many can now be revisited by making your own Lego home.


Check out the video here:


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