Creative Couple Builds the Most Beautiful Tiny House with Love

There are a lot of beautiful custom-made tiny houses out there, and just when you think you’ve seen them all, you come across another one more unique than anything you’ve ever seen before. That’s exactly the case with The Gypsy Mermaid, a tiny house in Ocklawaha, Florida. It’s an artist’s masterpiece made with love by longtime married couple Rebekah and Robert Sofia. The couple are both creatives with an eye for beautiful details and unique handcrafted things.┬áRebekah, who is an interior designer with over 30 years’ experience, designed the house and built it with Robert. The tiny house was borne out of the couple’s mutual desire to simplify and have more time for each other.

The Gypsy Mermaid is not just a thing of beauty inside and outside. It is Rebekah and Robert’s personal haven where peace, joy, and love reside and is felt from every cozy nook and exquisite handmade detail. Seeing this couple happy with their DIY tiny house is simply inspiring and a joy to watch.

Take a peek inside this beautiful tiny house made with love:

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