Couple Turned Grandma’s 1905 Garage Into a Cozy Tiny House

Grandmas are the best. Stylist Rebekah Carey would definitely agree. She loves her grandmother so much that to be closer to her, she and her husband transformed her grandma’s 1905 garage into a quaint and cozy tiny house and moved into it. Sweet, right? Definitely.

While mowing her grandma’s lawn one day, Carey saw potential in the storage shed, which was originally a 200 sq. ft. carriage house and garage. The foundation was solid, it just needed a dramatic makeover and some personalized touches. So after talking with her grandma, Carey and her husband Alex McNall, a writer and furniture revitalizer, decided to take on the project.

To spend as little money as possible, the couple took to Craigslist for free vintage strip wood flooring, used leftover insulation from people who gave them for free, got doors from the Habitat ReStore, and scoured the area for reclaimed local materials. Although expense was at a minimum, the project was not without its ups and downs. And since they had to prioritize work in grandma’s main house first, it took them 6 months of working on and off before they could finally move in. All in all, the garage-to-tiny-house transformation cost Carey and McNall $2,000.

The couple call their labor of love the “Bitty Berkeley Bungalow”. They currently live in the tiny house with their three dogs. And since grandma’s main house is only 3 feet away, they always make it in time for meals with grandma. Carey feels lucky for being close by to help her grandma with anything she needs, and she’s just enjoying every moment they have together.

Now, that’s one lucky grandma too for having the best granddaughter ever.

Carey is the stylist and owner of A & B Creative.

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