Cleverly-designed Tiny House is a Peaceful Zen Haven

How cool is it to design your own ideal tiny house and live in it too? That’s exactly what Vina Lustado, a designer based in Ojai, California has done. She is living in her dream home—a Zen-like retreat nestled among lush greenery within her own plot of land.

Vina designs tiny houses for Sol Haus Design, and her first design was her very own humble abode. It’s a 140-sq. ft. off-the-grid house that has set a standard for style and environment responsibility. Every nook and cranny, every piece of custom-built furniture is well thought out from the living area couch that also doubles as a storage chest, the side table in the office that turns into a dining table, and the hidden pull-out drawers in the kitchen. There’s a place for everything Vina needs, which isn’t a lot, and the clever space and design also makes it easy to clean, organize, and maintain.

In building this home, Vina has also benefited the community in Ojai by enlisting the expertise of local artists and craftsmen. Friends have also willingly contributed their artistic touches like the leaves and trees design in her pillowcases, wooden cabinet, and bathroom door glass piece that add charm and character to the tiny house. It’s a dream home anyone would be proud of.

Take a virtual tour of Vina’s “Zen tiny house”—a labor of love and genius design.

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