Book a Romantic Getaway in the World’s Smallest Hotel

If you’ve been bitten by the tiny house bug, you’ll definitely love this tiny hotel.

Walking along Seminargasse street in Amberg, Germany, you wouldn’t miss one tiny red building. Built in an 8-foot wide (2.5 meters) alley and sandwiched between two larger buildings, Eh’häusl is the smallest hotel in the world, according to Guinness World Records.

This tiny hotel has a total floorspace of 570 sq. ft. (53 sq.m.), cozy enough for a romantic getaway for two. The suite is sumptuously decorated and includes a foyer, sitting room, fireplace and lounge, bathroom, bedroom, mini spa with whirlpool, and a flat screen TV.

Eh’häusl means “wedding house” in the local vernacular. Built in 1728, it was originally used as a proof of property ownership for couples intending to get married. The quaint tradition has long since ended, and it was renovated into a hotel in 2008 by the Amberg Urban Planning Society.

Interested in booking a stay? Check out their website.

Source: Country Living