Belle Has a Tiny House and It’s Absolutely Gorgeous

The Tiny House Village at Leavenworth, Washington, definitely has something there that wasn’t there before. It’s a special tiny house fit for a Disney princess or…someone like Belle is what comes to mind.

When Disney’s highly-anticipated live-action version of Beauty and the Beast came out earlier this year, not a lot knew that a Beauty and the Beast-themed tiny house would also make its debut a few months later at the Leavenworth RV Resort. The Belle Tiny House is a custom Tumbleweed Elm design that looks like a tiny house straight out of a fairy tale. From the outside, it has a traditional Bavarian house style, in keeping with the distinctly Bavarian theme of the town of Leavenworth. Inside, the light-colored wood is complimented with blue and yellow color accents, a most obvious reference to Belle’s iconic yellow ballgown and the Beast’s blue coat. It’s fitted with all the basic amenities one would need for a vacation stay since this house is a rental in a campground. It’s wide and spacious for tiny house standards, and has unique custom details that sets it apart from other standard tiny house designs, kinda like Belle in style and spirit. Despite missing a massive library, anyone who appreciates the beautiful and unusual will love staying at the Belle Tiny House.

Can’t get enough of anything Beauty and the Beast? Check out Belle’s tiny house at Leavenworth Tiny House Village.