Artist Chooses Tiny House Boat Bliss Over Glamorous Hollywood Life

“I never went for the mainstream lifestyle. Living on a boat…it’s simple. I like the fact that it’s simple. You can make whatever space you want, yours. That’s the magic of it.”–Heather Wilcoxon

Celebrity offspring have had quite the rep of living the “good life”. What comes to mind immediately is this: living in a mansion with servants to attend to them, clubbing every night and social calls every day, a private jet plus dozens of luxury cars to choose from with drivers to take them anywhere in the world on a whim. Maybe they only need to lift a finger to do the simplest things, like texting or getting a drink. It may look all glamorous and fun, but it seems more like an excessive fantasy life to some.

For Heather Wilcoxon, that’s exactly what it is. She left Hollywood when she was only 20, and since then, has never looked back.

Her dad was Henry Wilcoxon, who played Marc Anthony in the original Cleopatra movie by Cecil B. DeMille. Her mom was Joan Woodbury, the lead in the Brenda Starr, Reporter series. She was named after her dad’s best friend, actress Heather Angel. She basically grew up in Hollywood. But instead of taking advantage of her parents’ star quality and her glamorous hometown, she left LA to pursue a humble bohemian artist lifestyle in San Francisco, California. She admits never being into all that material stuff and possessions.

Heather is a natural artist, with a keen eye for vivid colors and whimsical details. She can go crazy with a paint brush and tubes of paint. But the result is nothing less than awesome. In 1996, Heather bought The Delta Queen, a turn-of-the-century delta/cookhouse boat which she magically transformed into a house boat. She painted every surface she could, and made it a home with her artworks and quirky decor. Her unique personal touches make it a quaint artist’s haven.

Take a tour inside Heather’s wonderfully bohemian tiny house boat.

To learn more about Heather and her art, visit her website.