A Couple Shares the Truth About Tiny House Living

Tiny house living is the dream for some, but just like anything you work so hard to get, it also comes with its own set of challenges and benefits.

For retired educators and simple living enthusiasts Nick and Judy, these challenges become learning experiences that enrich their own unique experience of living in a tiny house. As educators at heart, they also want to be spokespersons for tiny house living. They want to share their knowledge and experience with anyone who’s interested in this alternative lifestyle. In this video, they discuss issues like setting up their tiny house on rented land, the process of making it legal, getting insured, and some unexpected things that need to be dealt with asap like mold and controlling excess humidity in a tiny space.

Nick and Judy live in an awesome tiny house in Nova Scotia, Canada. Their house which they nicknamed “Tiny”, was built by their friend Matt from Howling Dog Construction. Tiny has 17 windows that provide gorgeous natural light, a winch-powered doggie elevator for their corgi, HVR (heat recovery ventilation), plus a full-size refrigerator and stove, among other unique features.

It is their hope for more people to pursue tiny house living, enough that companies would be willing to provide insurance to tiny house owners. To learn more about their alternative lifestyle, check out their blog.

Watch Nick and Judy dish out the challenges and joys of tiny house living.